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Water - the key to success

The Cieplice Baths uses low mineralized, fluoride-silicon waters with temperature silicon outflow of up to 87°C and with high silica content among all other spring waters through the whole Europe. Additionally, in order to balance the composition of the water in the basins of the pools, the pool uses water from the city infrastructure.
In our thermal pools, there is also water from hot underground sources of borehole, being taken from the depth of 2000m. Unique health properties of our water have been known for hundreds of years. The thermal water from Cieplice warms, prevents formation of stones in the urinary system, increases bone mineralization, prevents tooth decay, increases micturition and diuresis, and has antibacterial properties. Pools and Jacuzzi tubes are filled with water, to which we give an optimal temperature in the range of 27°C - 36°C.

Water quality and the highest standards of hygiene are extremely important for us, because we use the latest and most effective ways of water treatment such as cleaning sand filters, coagulation, irradiation with ultraviolet light. These professional treatments provide the highest level of sanitary safety in The Cieplice Baths.


The curative properties were used once by many famous people, e.g.: Queen Maria Kazimiera Sobieski , Prince Stanislaw Poniatowski , the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe , the king of Prussia, Frederick William III, Queen Louise, and John Quincy Adams - the latter president of the United States. Considering the high temperature (around 90°C) and very large mineralization, in care of the health and safety of our guests, the geothermal water is mixed with normal water.