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SPA area - health, beauty and relaxation

A visit to the SPA area of The Cieplice Baths is a pleasant journey to the sources of health, beauty and relaxation. It is divided into three stages: warming, cooling and rest. This kind of division and the natural order of the steps is justified medically to ensure the best results. Each session in the spa area should consist of several three-stage cycles.



What\'s next?

The last point of this kind of trip to the source of health, beauty and relaxation are massage closets. A wide range of relaxing and soothing massages allow you to get rid of the tension and spasm of the back and neck muscles, and in turn it is the best complementation of your stay in the pool and spa area.

After the end of the stay in an intimate spa, we welcome our guests to the pool area where you can enjoy swimming and relaxation in the water.

SPA treatments

Treatments require earlier reservation. Reservations can be made in person at the Reception Desk of SPA or by calling 75 75 46 916 or by sending an e-mail Treatments are performed in the following hours: 12 AM – 8 PM.



Basic massage

Traditional massages based on grape-seed oil or aromatic butter. The treatment removes muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and moisturizes skin.

Classical massage 45 min 

Massage of the whole body that uses traditional massage techniques based on grape-seed oil or aromatic butter to body massage.
The treatment accelerates metabolism, removes muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, hydrates and tones up the skin. It gives a feeling of total relaxation, eliminates the symptoms of stress. 

Classic massage - back 30 min

Massage of the selected part of the body that uses traditional massage techniques based on grape-seed oil or aromatic butter to body massage.
The treatment accelerates metabolism, removes muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, hydrates and tones up the skin. It gives a feeling of total relaxation, eliminates the symptoms of stress.   

Anti-cellulite massage

This anti-cellulite treatment stimulates metabolism and supports the lymphatic circulation. Two types of massage are interchangeably applied, namely: a Chinese cupping massage and an anti-cellulite massage. The whole is sup­ported by the use of a manual lymphatic drainage and ice. This therapy accelerates both microcirculation and metabolism, it also firms the skin and improves its tone.

Face, neck and décolleté massage – 30 min

This relaxing treatment combined with acupressure visibly stimulates, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Foot massage - 50 min

Healing treatment that stimulates nervous system, blood circulation, boosts the regenerative potential of the whole organism and deeply relaxes. Regularly applied, it removes chronic diseases.

Lymphatic drainage - 30 min

It effectively helps to cure both the lymphatic obstruction and the cellulite. This massage technique boosts metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, accelerates body detoxi­fication process and helps to remove fat.

Relaxing massages

Deeply relaxing treatments that are very pleasant and relieve stress. Additionally they have beneficial effect on cardiovascular and lymphatic systems and nourish the skin of the whole body.

Aromatic massage oils - 60 min

Massage of the whole body that uses techniques based on natural oils with extracts of orange and cinnamon. The treatment is deeply relaxing, it removes the effects of stress, gives the sense of maximum relaxation, and also moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Relaxing hot stones massage - 60 min

Massage of the whole body that uses hot basalt stones on the basis of natural grape-seed oil . This treatment soothes the nerves, relieves stress, but also influences positively on soft tissues and nourishes the skin. It also affects the circulatory and lymphatic system and regenerate muscles after exercises.

Soothing candle massage - 60 min

Massage of the whole body that uses relaxing massage techniques. It is based on aromatic candle for body massage (by the smell of oriental green or orange tea). The treatment deeply relaxes and warms up. Besides, it stimulates the senses, removes the effects of stress giving you a complete relaxation. The unique formula of essential oil from the spark, leaves the skin wonderfully hydrated, silky smooth and soft.


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Finnish Sauna 1 & 2

Stay in the Finnish Sauna is like a small trip to Finland. This country is known for its harsh climate, and its humble inhabitants appreciate the simplicity of life, being in harmony with nature and frequent visits to the traditional saunarium. Therefore, interior of Finnish sauna is made of natural wood, and it captivates of its simplicity and seduces its comfortable benches.

Temperature: 90°C - 110°C
Humidity: 5% - 20% 
Heat source: oven

  • stimulates the activity of the circulatory system,
  • improves metabolic processes,
  • stimulates the heart,
  • cures rheumatism,
  • cleanses the skin,
  • protects the body,
  • calms.

Steam Sauna

There is the greatest humidity of all of the saunas, so it is a great place to cultivate beauty. Warm steam opens the hair cuticles and pores of the skin, preparing it to receive the beneficial nutrients and moisturizers contained in the masks and lotions. The steam of this sauna moisturizes the skin making it elastic and smooth.

Temperature: 40°C - 50°C
Humidity: 100%
Heat source: Hot steam

  • Positive effect on the skin and hair,
  • Improves emotional state relaxes,
  • It clears the way tract through the use of steam,
  • It cleanses the body of harmful substances.

Infrared Sauna

It is a modern sauna of the XXI century. It is heated by invisible infrared light, the heat reaches up to 4 cm into the body. A small humidity allows on free breathing and makes your stay slightly longer than in a steam sauna. Warming your body via infrared makes the stay in sauna recommended as an effective treatment of gynaecological diseases, spine, joints and diseases of other places in your body.

Temperature: 45°C - 60°C
Humidity: 15%
Heat source: Ceramic Lamp - infrared


  • reduces cellulite, improves skin appearance,
  • have healing properties in ailing spine, helps with migraines, neuralgia and menstrual pain by reducing tension and PMS,
  • helps in throat and bronchitis and sinusitis treatment,
  • improves the condition of the vascular infarction, treats varicose veins and hemorrhoids,
  • supports treatment of: injuries, contusions, sprains, joint diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system,
  • reduces muscle pain.
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Three-stage cycles

The individual elements of the proper cycle of stay in the SPA are:

  • Warming (sauna): Heat rapidly removes any stress and fatigue out of the body. The Cieplice Baths guests have a choice of four saunas: two Finnish saunas, steam and infrared sauna (that uses IR). Wide range of temperatures in the sauna (40-110°C) allows prevailing conditions to individual needs and abilities.
  • Cooling (snow cave): Cooling the body compensates its temperature, increases oxygen supply and allows balancing the breath, the warmed up skin returns to its natural appearance. Guests can cool themselves in the spa area in a cave snow, at -15°C or at the ice fountain, rubbing it into the body of fresh crushed ice. This kind of treatment is also stimulation to the skin in a form of peeling.
  • Relaxation (Jacuzzi, tepidarium): The relaxation calms down breathing and heart rate. Besides, it regulates blood pressure and temperature compensation of the body. We offer for our guests relaxing on the heated water couches or in the Jacuzzi tubes with water temperature of 36°C.

Rules of using sauna by polish sauna association

Before entering the sauna you should become familiar with all medical suggestions.
Staying in the sauna consists of 2-3 cycles. The whole process is understood as: heating body phase, cooling and rest.

a) every visit in the sauna should be planned in a weekly class schedule, recommended 1-2 stays a week.
b) visit in sauna should be the last point of the daily schedule.
c) prior to the planned visit, we do not have a large meal, do not drink alcohol, do not use strenuous exercise or exertion. Besides, we do not plan visit in sauna before some great effort.
d) The stay should long 1.5-2 hours.
e) In the locker room we are about to leave our watch, cell phone, jewelry. After settling physiological needs, thorough washing of the body in the shower with soap, water and towel drying we are ready to enter the sauna.

a) While entering the sauna, put a towel on a bench and sit on it.
b) Recommended parameters of stay is at 80-90°C, humidity 20-30% of RH, and we can accept the general principle that the sum of RH value and temperature should not be higher than 110 units.
c) We try to keep feet on the height of our trunk, or take lying position, ensuring that the whole body is exposed to the same temperature.
d) While we behave quietly and culturally, avoiding loud talking, profanity, discussion, keeping in mind that the sauna is a place of silence and a kind of meditation.
e) During your stay, if conditions allow, massage your body with twigs dipped in cold water, which improves circulation and gives the skin a pleasant smell allowing us to extend our time of stay for a few minutes.
f) After each stay in the cabin, leave it in a calm manner, bearing in mind that after getting up from a lying wait you should wait in the sitting position for approximately 1-2 minutes, so as to prevent a sudden outflow of blood from the brain, which could cause fainting.
g) After leaving the cabin we cool the body.
h) Each cycle is ended by resting in the supine position, and may be enriched with non-interrupting conversation. It lasts 15-20 minutes or until a sense of coolness.
i) During your stay in the cabin saunas do not drink nor eat and we are not allowed to read.
j) In the intervals between cycles, we try to abstain from drinking, and eventually we drink a small amount of water or tomato juice to supllement the missing minerals in our body, and we complement the rest of fluids after the last cycle.

a) Before leaving the sauna you should rest for at least 15-20 minutes in order to adapt to ambient temperature.
b) Immediately after going out of the sauna we do not make any great physical effort.
c) If you feel unwell, you should consult your doctor.
d) Before dressing up if conditions permit, disinfect your feet.
e) After your stay in the sauna you can give your body up to the favourite massage or use the solarium. In the winter we care about our dress, allowing safe exit to winter conditions.


a) Going to the sauna, we carry a large bath towel, (it is advisable to have a second towel), flip-flops, and there are welcome birch twigs to scrub your body, brush to the body, and a cream for disinfect feet.
b) We always leave the sauna in the condition in which we would like to find it.
c) Since visiting sauna gives us so called protection against cold for a period of seven days, we recommended to use the sauna at least 1 time per week in order to maintain the body's resistance to diseases caused by cold baths.
d) Please note that the sauna is a kind of "bathing philosophy" and it is part of a supplementary medication and natural means to prevent many diseases, and toughen human body.

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