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reception TERMY


Baths in numbers

  • Usable area: 5 690.93 m2,
  • Length: 70.75 m,
  • Width: 60.00 m2,
  • Height: 11.15 m,
  • Building area: 426.20 m2,
  • Cubage: 38 495 m3,
  • The total water surface area: 1155 m2.

Recreational pool

Recreational pool of irregular shape and the water surface of 438.06 m2, with a depth varying from 1.10 to 1.60 m, with four lanes for regular swimming, and besides that many water attractions:

  • wild river,
  • swings,
  • water geysers,
  • sun lounger,
  • sprinklers,
  • water mushroom and water cave.


  • Paddling No. 1 with the water surface 30.08 m2 and with a depth of 0.60 m, equipped with water slide and a sprinkler;
  • Paddling No. 2 with water surface area 29.18 m2 and a depth of 0.40 m, equipped with a sprinkler;

Thermal pools

  • Thermal pool 1 with a total area of 78,25 m2, of which the indoor area equals 40.0 m2  and the outer area equals 38,25 m2, with a depth of 1.20 m, equipped with a massaging systems, geysers and sun lounger,
  • Thermal pool 2 with a total area of 175.7 m2, of which the indoor area equals 56.6 m2 and the outer area, which at once is connected with external pool with an area of 119.1 m2 and a depth varying from 1.10 to 1.30 m, and it is equipped with water sprinklers.

Summer recreational complex

Summer recreational complex, which is a large area of the external pool of 334.35 m2 area and a depth of 1.1m, it is connected to the outer part of the thermal pool 2 with water surface area of 28.97 m2 and a depth between 1.1m to 1.35m. Within the outer pool there are:

  • placed baskets to play basketball,
  • water umbrella,
  • water sprinklers,
  • three-line family slide and tube slide.