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Discount for groups

For details of the offer and price calculation, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department:

  • tel: + 00 48 75 75 46 931
  • Email:

For group pricing list, the discounts are granted on prices of admission, which depend on the amount and type of tickets purchased and the duration of staying.
The group offer is intended for:

  • hotels and other accommodation facilities,
  • private and public companies,
  • institutions of local government ,
  • travel agencies and other tour operators,
  • guides,
  • educational institutions,
  • municipal companies.

Group prices are valid for groups of min. 10 people - regardless of age.

Group discount do not connect with family discount.

Tour operators, guides and group guardians are obligated to be familiarised with statute of organised groups, especially with the distinction of "organised" and "recreational" group.

Group guardians are responsible for behaviour of people under their care, also for their wear, hygien, mood and health state.

All prices from the price list for groups include VAT.