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We invite you to relax and have fun in the pools of The Cieplice Baths, whose total area is 1155 m2. This intimate water park, located in the spa center of Jelenia Góra, offers for its guests a variety of interesting attractions, including: tube slides and pontoon slides, water couches, jacuzzi and water jackets, wild river and water swing. We guarantee good fun, and visitors may enjoy it for two hours, because that is the standard time of stay.
Besides that, we offer secluded SPA area of The Cieplice Baths, which include sauna, large jacuzzi tubes, a snow cave and ice fountain, relaxation area with couches and massage closets. The area is an ideal place for relaxation and quiet rest.
The water temperature in all the pools ranges from 27°C to 36°C, and its depth ranges from 0.4m to 1.6m.

Swimming pool

It is a swimming pool for adults who like to swim and for all children that learn the art of swimming, and also for the health-conscious seniors. Four lanes with the half length of an Olympic swimming pool (25m) allow to any individual and group trainings. Thanks to systematic exercises in the swimming pool of The Cieplice Baths you can improve your athletic performance, strengthen the back, sculpt the silhouette and learn to swim in any style. Right next to the pool there is an entrance to the relaxation SPA area.

  • Number of lanes: 4
  • Length of pool: 25m
  • Depth: 1.1m - 1.6m
  • Water temperature: 29°C

Fun and relaxation pool

It is a place of fun and relaxation for all guests. There are unique attractions: wild river, water swing, water couches with bubbles and jets massaging back and neck. A pan is connected with water corridors to the swimming pool, so you can move freely between them without leaving the water.
Depth: 1.2 m
Water temperature: 29°C
Things to do:

  • 5 water couches with bubbles,
  • 2 narrow jets to neck massage,
  • 2 wide jets to net massage,
  • Water swing,
  • Wild river.

Paddling pools

It is a warm and safe swimming areas for children. Our little babies easily learn to swim and perform exercises that help them grow healthily. The water in these pools is warmer than in the other pools, as it is closer to its parent’s body temperature. As a result, our babies do not get cold and feel safe, and older children do not feel any fear of diving.
For the sake of convenience and security of families with children, there were mounted changing tables in the locker rooms of The Cieplice Baths, and the locker rooms are large and comfortable for parents to help their children with changing clothes.
The time spent with the child in the paddler pools of The Cieplice Baths:

  • encourages them to development of motor functions,
  • builds a good relationship between the child and the parent,
  • gives opportunity to make exercises for the muscles and joints,
  • supports the rehabilitation of children with osteoarticular system problems,
  • prevents diseases of spine,
  • builds resilience,
  • provides new experiences and stimulates development,
  • socializes with peers and help make new friends.

Depth: 0.4 m and 0.6 m

Water temperature: 36°C
Things to do:

  • waterslide,
  • water hedgehog
  • 2 sprinklers - Seals.

At the pool with a child

In order that the first visit of the child may be successful it is good to remember about the following rules:

  • dress your child in a special diaper for fun in the pool,
  • do not nourish the baby for an hour before entering the water,
  • in the area of pool we bring the baby wrapped in a warm towel,
  • when entering the pool we cuddle the baby to ourselves, allowing it to freely observe the environment,
  • we take to the pool the favourite toys of the child, with whom it baths at home.

Pool and park

The largest pool of The Cieplice Baths is open seasonally, and is composed of three basins and a swimming-pool patio with deck chairs, and it serves as a beach. All fans of water sports can enjoy the pool set in the basket to play water basketball or use one of the two slides: a tube or a three-lanes family slide. All of the pool parts are connected to water passages, which can move freely without leaving the water. One of the basins is located inside the building – we can find there shaded area of swimming and Jacuzzi tubes. Water in the South Thermal Pool contains famous geothermal water from natural springs of Cieplice. We can get to the area directly from Cieplice Spa Park.

Depth: 1.1m - 1.3m
Water temperature: 32°C

  • Pontoon slides,
  • Tube slides,
  • Basket to play basketball,
  • 6 water sprinklers,
  • 2 water umbrellas,
  • Pool patio,
  • Water couches for sunbathing,
  • Indoor basin: 2 Jacuzzi tubes.

“Onion type” slides and pool landings

Onion type slides and the indoor tube slides have their own separate basins for a soft landing. These slides are prepared for guests who are looking for thrills and lots of fun.

Depth: 1.2m swimming pool slides tubular, 1.8m swimming pool slides Onions.
Water temperature: 27°C

Norwegian Thermal Pool

Year-round South Thermal Pool consists of two basins: indoor and outdoor. In winter you can feel as you are in Iceland, bathing under the open sky in the steaming water, when to your head fall snowflakes. It also does not its charm in summer. In addition to an intimate patio and a sunny location also has a relaxing couches.