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Season ticket


  • The season ticket ia an electronic multi-use card (pre-paid), where you can gather units for later use in The Cieplice Baths.
  • With this season ticket you can pay for entrance to swimming pool, functional training zone, treatments in SPA zone, squash cage hire rate, participation in fitness classes, hire rate of personal trainner for functional training or swim lessons.
  • Season tickets are dividet to PERSONAL and INSTITUTIONAL.
  • Only person over 18 can purchase the peronal season ticket. The purchase is equal with accepation of Statute of Season tickets.

Individual season ticket

The owner can power the ticket with the following amounts:

  • Price 100 PLN - to use 110 PLN (10 PLN is free), validity of the ticket - 2 month .
  • Price 200 PLN - to use 230 PLN (30 PLN free), validity of the ticket - 3 months.
  • Price 300 PLN - to use 350 PLN (50 PLN free), validity of the ticket - 4 months.
  • Price 500 PLN - to use 590 PLN (90 PLN free), validity of the ticket - 6 months.
  • Price 1000 PLN – to use 1200 PLN (200 PLN free), validity of the ticket - 12 months.

Important information

  • The season ticket is personal and can be used by family members of the owner .
  • The owner may pay with the ticket for services and tickets used by people staying with him.
  • In case of loss of the ticket the owner must report it to Customer Service Office. The season ticket will be blocked in the first workday after the report of lost.
  • All prices include VAT.
  • Price list for this kind of tickets is valid from 3 March 2014.
  • Complaints are considered only on the basis of fiscal receipts from The Cieplice Baths.
  • The tickets can be purchased at the cashier of The Cieplice Baths.
  • Payments in the cashier of The Cieplice Baths can be made with cash or by credit card.