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reception TERMY


Your first visit

Useful information:

  • In order to use the pools and spa zone please bring your own towel and proper footwear.
  • The time limit in the pool area is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Caps are optional.
  • Customer Service desk, cash desks and lockers (PLN 2 fee ) are located on the first floor.
  • Before you buy a ticket please change your shoes.
  • After changing your shoes and purchasing a ticket proceed to the pools through locker rooms and shower areas.
  • Entrance to the SPA is by the paddling pools.
  • We invite you to use the pools in the following order: start with the swimming pool, then use thermal baths and finally move on to hot tubs.

Important information

Important information:
  • The duration of the stay is measured from the time you purchase the ticket and are handed your personal SmartBand  until you return it to Customer Service Desk.
  • Children under the age of 14 are allowed to Termy Cieplickie only when accompanied by an adult.
  • Entry to the SPA area is limited to people aged 16 and over only.
  • Swimwear and proper footwear should be worn in the swimming pool hall. 
  • For women one or two-piece suit, for men swim briefs or swim trunks.


Each visitor receives a SmartBand which acts as a key for your personal locker and is your pass to the SPA zone.The lockers at Termy Cieplickie are opened and locked with a SmartBand. You are free to choose any locker, only when you lock it with your SmartBands it gets assigned. To effectively close the locker press the black element, place the SmartBand onto the lock in the marked spot and hold. After locking  make sure the locker is really locked. To effectively open the locker press the black element, place the SmartBand onto the lock in the marked spot. Please leave the locker open with the bolt retracted.

Time Control

In order to check the duration of your stay or your locker’s number use the readers available all over the pool zone, SPA zone and changing rooms. On departure you will pay the amount indicated by your SmartBand. For each additional minute you will pay PLN 0,35.

Video surveillance

Termy Cieplickie are under video surveillance. Video surveillance shall include the public areas with the exception of changing rooms and bathrooms.