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Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are lessons, which meets the different styles of swimming (classic, backstroke, free style, butterfly and variable). Fun and games with exercises typical for an appropriate level of learning. The lessons also include the study of starts and relapses, and the main emphasis is on levelling errors during learning and independent swimming.
Duration: 40-50 minutes.

Swimming lessons for beginners

Swimming lessons for beginners their purpose is to familiarize children and adults with water environment, mastering or overcoming fear and acquire basic movements in the water. The additional attraction is the variety of games and movement in the water.
Duration: 40-50 minutes.

Swimming training

Swimming training is a specialist training of previously known styles, including the definition and selection of leading pool style (up to 2 styles). Instructors focus on perfecting the newly acquired technique and skills, and on improving starts and turns and besides they learn the basics of sports training organization.
Duration: 40-50 minutes.

Individual swimming lessons

We also have in our offer INDIVIDUAL SWIMMING LESSONS.
We encourage everyone to make use of swimming lessons both for children and adults.
Class duration: 45 minutes.
Cost: 45 PLN/person/class plus the cost of entry to the pool according to the current price list.
Reservation is made by phone: 75 75 46 932 or 75 75 46 901 or e-mail: