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Rules of swimming pool\'s area

Instructions of using the tube slide:

After showing the green light you should:

1. Peacefully enter the startup place,
2. Bend down and enter the tube,
3. Take the correct position downhill - on the back, with interconnected legs, straight in the direction of travel and arms aligned along the body,
4. Slightly push back yourself with your hands,
5. Descend freely, without stopping at the slides,
6. Watch the line all the time so that in case of emergency you may stop and do not lead to a collision with another slider,
7. After the exit immediately leave the landing area according to the arrow direction,
8. Any observed defects should be reported to the rescuer immediately after leaving the landing area.

Note: “Onion type slides” can be used ONLY by the persons who can swim.

Paddling Pools and Atrraction - Rules and Regulations

1. Paddling basin and all of the attractions placed in the area are an integral part of a The Cieplice Baths and there are apply the General Rules & Regulations and additionally Supplementary Regulations.
2. Every child guardian is required to be acknowledged with rules, information boards, signs and instructions of use, before using the shower and then explain the safety rules to every child.
3. Paddling basin is available only for children under the age of 12, under the care of parents or adult guardians.
4. The guardians are obliged to permanently supervise children when using the shower and water attractions, as well as stay directly by the mirror of water, and keep constant eye contact with the children.
5. Dangerous behavior is forbidden, in particular:

  • step on the elements that are not intended to step on,
  • jump into the paddling pool,
  • pushing and throwing children into the shower,
  • plays that involve pushing, wrestling, racing, diving, etc.
  • leaving a child within the landing area, entering the slide from the exit, concurrent meetings, interrupting the slides to other children,
  • entering to the paddling pool which is out of use.

6. Verifying the observance of these Rules and Regulations shall remain in guardians, rescuers and service complex field of responsibility.
7. All persons using the shower (children and guardians) are required to strictly follow the instructions of lifeguards.
8. In the event of an accident caused by a violation of these Rules and Regulations, all of the responsibility lays on part of a guardian.
9. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in:
a) cancelling a child's right to use a tray,
b) cancelling a right to stay in the complex for a child and its guardian 
c) withdraw a season ticket and its reservation