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Rules and regulations for organized groups


I. General Provisions

1. Organised Group shall be understood as at least 10 people, regardless of age, using The Cieplice Baths complex together in an organized manner and under the guidance of an instructor, coach, teacher or other authorized person hereinafter referred to as Supervisor of the Organized Group.
2. Rules and Regulations for Organized Groups is valid together with the General Rules and any specific regulations for individual attractions and areas of the complex.
3. Organized Group with more than 30 people can make use of the complex after determining the arrival time with the department of Sales and Marketing or Customer Service. The determination must be preceded by phone contact or email on at least one day before the scheduled arrival.
4. One Guardian of a Group can exercise care over a group of up (one option):
a) 30 adult participants,
b) 15 juveniles participants or adult students,
c) 10 participants in preschool age,
d) agreed and accepted by the management of the complex number of people with disabilities, depending on the degree and type of disability and health status of pupils,
5. For groups with more numerous than it is specified in Section 4, it is necessary to divide the groups and the involvement for more guardians.

II. Guardian of the Organized Group

6. The guardian of a group represents an institution, organization, entity or school-educational institution, and is required for the proper care, supervision and control of behavior of the group that was entrusted to him.
7. Guardian assumes full responsibility for being the person in their care .
8. The group leader is responsible for its arrival at least 15 minutes before the agreed date of commencement of classes. Immediately after the entrance to the complex Supervisor reports to the cash register and agree terms of complex
9. Guardian is required to have a full list of participants in the group.
10. The group guardian is required to have full information about the state of physical and mental health of the participants in the group and declares that it allows them for the use of The Cieplice Baths. The group guardian also knows the swimming skills of all members of the group and in accordance with this knowledge and in consultation with the lifeguard, shapes the program of stay in the pool, including the use of water attractions by every participant.
11. The guardian is obliged to familiarize the group with the General Rules and Regulations and all of the necessary details. The entrance gate of the group members means that they are acknowledged with and fully accept and consent the absolute compliance with the regulations.
12. Group guardians have free entrance into the swimming pool.
13. Any organized group that has no competent and authorized guardian will not be allowed into the complex.

III. Stay group at the complex Baths Teplice

14. Group guardians are required to dress in a swimsuit or sport suit and stay for all of the time with their group in the pool hall, controlling the behavior of their participants.
15. The duties of the group guardians are:
a) entering with the group to the main lobby and indicating the place where they are due to wait at the entrance to the locker room (exchange shoes by the lockers),
b) to familiarize all of the participants with the General Rules and Regulations, Rules of other water attractions and tell the group that they are obliged to adhere to them,
c) completing and signing the Statement of the Group Guardian,
d) settling all of the formal issues related to the group entry, getting and transferring the transponders and giving them to group participants,
e) advising pupils about how to use the lockers for shoes, locker room, digital locks and transponders,
f) entering with the group to the locker room and making sure that they put into themselves swimsuits, and put their clothes into the lockers, closing them in a proper way. Then taking the group and entering with them to the shower rooms and toilets,
g) ensuring that they met obligation of using the toilets and showers before and after, and - if necessary - during the stay in the pool,
h) ensuring the right type of, completeness, and the hygienic condition of swimwears of the participants,
i) ensuring washing of the whole body with the use of hygienic , and then introduce the spray from the rooms to the pool area and for ensuring that the use of the middle of the disinfectant foot
j) contacting the manager to chief rescuer immediately after entering the pool zone and establish rules for using the complex by the group,
k) ordering the collection and verification of group number in the presence of the lifeguard,
l) continuous control of the group participants' behavior throughout their stay in the pool hall and the use of the water attractions, taking all necessary measures to maintain security and order and the prevention against breaches of rules or social norms,
m) presence in the SPA area only in case anyone of your group uses the area (it does not apply to groups of children and juveniles as the right to use the spa area have only persons over 16 years of age),
n) after the expiration of the period it is due to order the group collection at, verification of the group number, reporting to the rescuer of the finished stay and removing the group from the pool hall, going to the showers, toilets and locker rooms,
o) ensuring that all of the lockers are empty of the clothes and that everyone take all of their personal belongings, as well as ensuring that each locker is open and the lock bolt is hidden,
p) collecting all of the group’s transponders and  returning them at the reception desk,
q) making payment at the reception desk for oversized length of stay and any additional services accounted by the transponders of all group members, in accordance with the valid price list of services.
16. The group leader continuously supervises the group and legal responsibility for its security:
a) in the locker rooms,
b) in all areas of The Cieplice Baths (paid and unpaid),
c) in all premises of The Cieplice Baths.
d) in the parking lot and around the external area administered by The Cieplice Baths.
17. In case of any doubts as to the quantitative status of participants in the group during their stay at the swimming pool and after swimming, you are oblige to immediately alert the emergency services.
18. The group guardian should be in such a place that is close to the mirror of water, that allows one to see all the participants, and that the one is seen by them.
19. The group guardian is not allowed to force the participants to use all of the pool attractions.

IV. Group settlement, end of stay and general provisions

20. The guardian and group members have an relentless duty to comply with the instructions of lifeguards and with the complex team service.
21. Loss or damage of the transponder relates to an extra charge of 150 zł per unit.
22. The group leader is responsible for paying at the reception desk the fee for additional length of stay and any services the transponder registered for all members of the group in accordance with the valid price list of the services.
23. The group guardian shall be liable for any damages caused by group members during their stay in the complex.
24. The group guardian shall be liable for any accidents caused by breaching the applicable laws, regulations and standards of behavior by the members of the group.
25. Before entering the object by the group, the guardian is obliged to fill in the print “Statement of Guardian Group" to establish rules for the use of the facility and giving the data of all the group members – the printing version of the document is available at the reception desk and on the official website at
26. All the personal data contained in the "Statement of Group Guardian" is secret information and is stored in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Law on the personal data collection and will not be used for marketing purposes without the consent of the group guardian.
27. In case of serious deficiencies in terms of lack of the compliance with the regulations of the complex that are in force - a lifesaver or service workers have the right to prohibit the further use of the complex and remove the whole group out of the complex.

Statement of Group Guardian – download it here