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The notion of fitness, so popular across the world, is much more than simply doing aerobics. For many athletes it has become a philosophy of life. It is based on a healthy diet and the right form of physical activity. Squash and Fitness Zone at Termy Cieplickie offers the following classes:

  • Trampoline workout
  • Circular workout
  • Tabata
  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Dance &Shape
  • Indoor Cycling
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Price List


Type of gym pass Price
Single class PLN 20.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes PLN 100.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes and functional training PLN 120.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes, functional training and 4 entries to Termy Cieplickie PLN 220.00


  • The pass is valid within 30 days from date of purchase.
  • The pass is issued on identity.
  • Priority is given to people who have booked in advance,
  • To book a class +48 75 46 936 or 75 75 46 901,

Fitness Timetable


Time  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00           Joga
17:00 Trampolines Tabata Fit&MIX Step&Shape    
  Kasia Tobiasz Kasia Kasia    
18:00 Yoga Trampolines Yoga Power Yoga Tabata  
  Tomek Agnieszka Tomek Patrycja Tobiasz  
19:00 Indoor Cycling* Tabata Trampolines Trampolines Indoor Cycling*  
  Artur Tobiasz Kasia Agnieszka Artur  
20:00   Indoor Cycling* Indoor Cycling* TBW    
    Artur Artur Mateusz    


Every class lasts 50 minutes with the exception of Yoga (60 min.). To book call +48 75 75 46 936 or e-mail The timetable is valid from 04.09.2017. *15 min. break to prepare equipment for the class. More information at


Trampolines workout is a combination of slow and fast jumps or jumps with body twists on single trampolines with special handle bars. Trampoline workout is believed to be ten times more efficient than jogging - it engages more muscles, improves you cardiac and aerobic fitness and at the same time, unlike jogging on hard surfaces - it has less impact on the spine and joints.

Why rebound?

  • Rebounding is great for building your fitness - it improves blood circulation and stimulates cardiovascular system.
  • It’s a great metabolic workout: it accelerates metabolic processes, boosts digestion and facilitates the body's natural detoxification mechanism.
  • It also strengthens all body muscles and helps shape the body. Another benefit of rebounding is improved balance and flexibility, not to mention it has a mood boosting and stress reducing qualities
  • Another benefit of rebounding is improved balance and flexibility,
  • not to mention it has a mood boosting and stress reducing qualities.


The main result of practising yoga is your improved body awareness and increased mobility in the joints and muscles (often contracted or dysfunctional). Yoga is a healing exercise and therefore should be recommended to everyone.


Tabata is an interval workout in which we exercise for 20 seconds and rest for the following 10. Fat burning is the main purpose of  practising tabata. The workout intensity depends on the exercise. Tabata workout is recommended for everyone.


The step & shape is an activity based on dance routines. It is a kind of exercise that strengthens the muscles and shapes the body. Its main focus is shaping thighs, buttocks and the abdomen. However, tabata also helps shaping your arms. At a tabata class we practice a combination of step aerobics with traditional aerobics, shape and pilates. This workout helps us get a shapely body and  stay healthy.

Indoor Cycling

Training on the stationary bike is not only a pleasant way of losing weight. It is also a great way to relax, get rid of your everyday stress and boost your mood. Practising indoor cycling regularly results in better balance, increased focus and coordination. If you are not sufficiently motivated to get on a bike, you need to read the following list of benefits. It might encourage you to start a regular workout.

-during one session you can burns up to 800 kcal, resulting in the loss of unnecessary kilograms,

-regular workouts lengthen and nicely shape buttocks and legs muscles 

-the resting heart rate lowers the body is better oxygenated,  the aerobic capacity increases

-the immunity improves and makes us more resistant to diseases

-the blood flow increases boosts blood supply the all the organs so that they become better nourished,

-the body produces endorphins, so-called hormones of happiness, making us feel happy and joyful,

-we get rid of stress hormones 

-exercising with the weights increases bone mineral density which prevents osteoporosis,

-we prevent osteoarthritis (articular cartilage becomes better nourished) and sprains (by strengthening the muscle joints become better stabilized),

-the brain is better oxygenated and thus fatigue disappears and our ability to focus improves.

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