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The notion of fitness, so popular across the world, is much more than simply doing aerobics. For many athletes it has become a philosophy of life. It is based on a healthy diet and the right form of physical activity. Squash and Fitness Zone at Termy Cieplickie offers the following classes:

  • Trampoline workout
  • Circular workout
  • Tabata
  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Dance &Shape
  • Indoor Cycling
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Price List


Type of gym pass Price
Single class PLN 15.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes PLN 100.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes and functional training PLN 120.00
OPEN pass for fitness classes, functional training and 4 entries to Termy Cieplickie PLN 250.00


  • The pass is valid within 30 days from date of purchase.
  • The pass is issued on identity.
  • Priority is given to people who have booked in advance,
  • You can book class in GymUp app, by phone: +48 75 75 46 901 or +48 75 75 46 936 , e-mail:, or personally in the reception of The Cieplice Baths.

Fitness Timetable


Time  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
9:00   Healthy Spine   Healthy Spine    
    Edyta   Edyta    
17:00       Circuit Training ABT  
        Edyta Edyta  
18:00 Yoga BPU   Stretching    
  Tomek Asia   Edyta    
19:00 PUMP Healthy Spine        
  Asia Edyta        


Every class lasts 50 minutes with the exception of Yoga (60 min.). To book call +48 75 75 46 936 or e-mail The timetable is valid from 04.09.2017. *15 min. break to prepare equipment for the class. More information at