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Rules and regulations of payment

Payments Rules and Regulations

1. Settlement of staying in the complex and of using the services is based on the PRICE LIST settled by The Cieplice Baths Ltd. and approved by the President of Jelenia Góra.
2. The complex consists of area free of charge and the paid zones. At the entrance to the paid zones pay there is charged a nonrefundable fee.
3. Promotions, discounts and the possibility of free use of the complex are not cumulative and cannot be used together. They also cannot be transferred to other individuals, companies or organizations.
4. The following persons are entitled to use the fixed rate of discounts:
a) students that has not finished 26 years of age - ticket of S category
b) pensioners over 60 years old - ticket of S category
c) children and teenagers attending to schools between 4 to 15 years old – ticket of D category.
The person entitled to the discounts must prove their right to a discount (for example, by showingof an identity card, student card, student ID, etc.).
5. Children under 4 years of age can use the complex for free but under the care of parents or other legal guardians. There is allowed an entrance up to two children with one supervisor.
6. The documents that may serve as entitlement to using the complex free of charges or using the discounts can be paid ticket, voucher or other document approved by The Cieplice Baths - Company Ltd.
7. The basic unit of the Price List in The Cieplice Baths are 2 hours. After expiration of this time, the system will start to charge you extra minutes by the current Price List.
8. You can also purchase a daily ticket.
9. Additional minute is rounded off to 30 seconds down, and over 30 seconds to the top.
10. Leaving the paid area, everyone is due to pay for the extended stay (additional minutes) and/or other services used.
11. Length of stay in the paid zones is measured from the activation of the transponder at the ticket payment until the final settlement and returning the transponder to the reception desk.
12. The complex is divided into five zones: pool, spa, gym, multi-functional hall and catering. There can be set different rate per stay in each zone, in accordance with applicable regulations of the Price List and separate zones.
13. Entering the pools zone along with the SPA (Ticket Plus) is possible by paying for the appropriate ticket at reception desk and activating the transponder.
14. Entering to the gym and fitness classes in multi-functional hall is possible after paying for the appropriate ticket at reception desk and activating the transponder. Activated transponder allows one-time entry for the duration of the course (fitness) or one-time entry to unlimited (Gym).
15. Entering the catering zone (so-called "dry side") is free.
16. Rules in entering the SPA zone:
a) to make use of the spa area, it is necessary to declare the decision at the checkout and purchase the corresponding ticket Plus (pool and spa area). Regular ticket to the pool zone does not constitute the entry into the SPA zone (transponder will not open the gate).
b) any guest who during the stay in the pool, decides to make use of the spa area, must go to the reception desk and settle “a payment for the spa area”.
c) an extra charge to the spa area is valid for as much time as previously purchased ticket.
17. Purchasing the “Plus tickets” or paying extra charge to the spa area entitles you to enter the SPA area, but it does not guarantee the availability of all its attractions.
18. It is allowed to use the spa area only by persons over 16 years of age.
19. The Cieplice Baths reserve itself the right to discontinue the sale of tickets in the absence of seats, or due to other factors which might affect the incorrect functioning of the complex or endanger the health and lives of people being in use of it.
20. Invoices for services rendered by the complex can be obtained at the reception desk, on the basis of receipts, within 7 days from the date of issuing them.
21. Guests should leave:
a) the SPA zone until 21:45 ,
b) the pool zone until 21:45,
c) entire complex until 22:15.
22. Tickets may be purchased only at the reception desk of the complex, from its authorized representatives and partners (objects) and via the official website The Cieplice Baths in the "Buy a ticket" tab. The tickets purchased from unauthorized persons or in an unauthorized manner will not be accepted.
23. Loss of or damage of the transponder is connected to charging an additional fee of 150 zł.
24. Complaints are settled only on the basis of fiscal receipts.