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General rules and regulations of the complex

1. The owner of the thermal pools complex in Jelenia Góra is a city of Jelenia Gora, and the operator – The Cieplice Baths Ltd. ul. Park Zdrojowy 5, 58-560 Jelenia Gora.
2. The complex includes the following parts of the object: entrance hall, changing rooms and showers, a pool area with the equipment inside, outdoor pools zone, spa area, a food part, multipurpose hall (fitness), gym, parking lots and outdoor areas in front of the entrance hall and other rooms for the purpose of: administration, office works, social works and others, that are subleased to third parties.
3. Admission to the pool area have only adults with children regardless of age. Admission can be done individually or in groups: organized and recreational ones.
4. Children and adolescents under 16 can stay in the facility only under the continuing supervision of adult caregivers. The guardians are fully responsible for the security of the dependants and are responsible for any damages caused by them.
5. Entry to the spa area is allowed only for persons over 16 years of age.
6. The Cieplice Baths complex is open from 06 AM to 10 PM.
7. The last entry takes place at 9 PM.
8. The Cieplice Baths reserves itself the right to technical interruptions and service, organizing closed events, placing Christmas and seasonal offers that may limit the availability, change opening hours of the whole object or its parts.
9. Between 6 AM and 9 AM there is open only the regular swimming area, and one of the thermal pools (no slides, paddling pools, spa area and additional water attractions).
10. Reservations swimming circuits take place at least one day in advance , by email or phone at Customer Service or Sales and Marketing - contact us at .
11. Before entering into the complex, and start using the devices it is absolutely necessary to get familiar with these rules and regulations for the use of the pool and attractions of SPA area. Each person that uses the complex is obliged by the provisions of the regulations to follow the instructions of the service team (Act of August 18, 2011 concerning safety of persons residing in the water areas, Dz.U. No. 208, item 1240; Art.3 p.1). Purchasing a ticket or entering through entrance gate means knowledge, full acceptance of and consent to absolute compliance with these regulations.
12. There is a video monitoring system along with the recording system, and recordings from the cameras can be the basis for users accountability who do not follow the rules and instructions. Facility management ensures that the monitoring is conducted in a way that does not undermine personal rights and users dignity.
13. People who use the facility are required to:
a) applying the labels, regulations and instructions of the service team,
b) adapting their activity to the skills and the current conditions,
c) taking particular care on the stairs, passages and landings, especially the wet ones,
d) using the equipment according to its intended purpose and according to the undertaken activity,
e) informing without any delay the emergency services of the ensuing accident, missing persons and other events that may affect personal safety (Dz.U. of 18 August 2011 on the safety of persons residing in the water areas – Dz.U. No. 208, item 1,240 Art.3 p.2,3,4 and 5).
14. Persons living on the property and violating public order, decency, including using profanity, posing a threat to other persons residing in the facility, as well as those not in compliance with these rules and regulations or specific commands issued by emergency services, law enforcement, and employees of the complex, may be removed from the site and regulating the fees payable regardless of referral to the way the criminal proceedings and/or civil law.
15. Detailed rules for using various areas and equipment are governed by specific regulations, placed in the building and on the website
16. Each person that uses the water attractions is obliged to familiarize themselves with their specific rules and comply with the provisions.
17. It is forbidden to leave the children and young people in the pool area without supervision.
18. Organized Groups prior to entering into the site are required to report to the Customer Service and settle the conditions of using the object and water attractions. Moreover, Organized Groups are subject to additional provisions of the Rules & Regulations for Organized Groups, available in the Customer Service Desk and on our website:
19. There are the following sound signals:
a) series of short beeps – sound of the ALARM – it is the call for the immediate departure of the swimming pool by all users and to comply with the instructions of lifeguards or service workers,
b) long beep - completion of the exercises - immediate going out of the water,
c) short beep – the order to pay attention to the messages given by the rescuer and service workers.
20. Within the pool basins there are designated the following parts:
a) paddling zone - with a depth of 0.6 m
b) zone for the ones that cannot swim - with a depth of up to 1.1 m
c) zone for swimmers - with a depth exceeding 1.1 m
21. The actual depth of the zones are given in the form of pictographs on the walls of the pools or close to them.
22. People who cannot swim are eligible to use only the zones for not-swimmers, with particular emphasis on the slide.
23. Settling the stay in The Cieplice Baths is based on the price list available at the Customer Service Office and published on
24. Admission to the paid area object (pool zone, outdoor pools, spa area) is based on the transponder of Electronic System of Customer Support (ESOK), which is obtained after buying the services in accordance with actual Price List being in force.
25. The transponder authorizes the use of facilities and all of the zones located in the complex, which was purchased and is subject to settlement and return at the departure of the swimming pool.
26. Going through the gate zones means that you agree to comply with all regulations, specific orders and instructions issued to ensure the safety of the facility, and also agrees to record its image via a video monitoring system.
27. Any loss of or damage to the transponder results in a charge of 250 zł per unit.
28. The fee for staying at the swimming pool is drawn from above according to the price list.
a) the decision concerning the period of staying in the complex is up to a guest who declares the chosen ticket before entering the pool,
b) It is the guest who chooses (service availability) the type of the ticket by purchasing the relevant ticket,
c) the fee for unused time is not refundable,
d) there is an extra fee charged for exceeding the time of staying.
29. Everyone who wants to purchase a ticket of any kind must prove their right to purchase a ticket of particular type, the right to discount and availability of this kind of the service. The presentation of the relevant permissions is done at the Customer Service Desk, prior to activation of the corresponding transponder.
30. The time of stay in the complex is calculated with the moment of activating the transponder at the Customer Service Desk, until it is settled.
31. Full payment for the use of the toll zones, additional services and exceeded time of your stay must be paid before leaving the paid area. The confirmation of the settlement is a receipt, and upon individual request, it is a VAT invoice.
32. All complaints and returns are dealt solely on the basis of the fiscal receipt.
33. Leaving the complex with the transponder is prohibited.
34. After activating the transponder (entrance), the return to the free zone causes cancelling the fee paid for admission.
35. Service team in the facility may temporarily restrict access to the individual zones due to the limits of people which stay in the zone.
36. Changing the outdoor footwear to the pool shoes takes place before entering the toll zone. After completion of stay in the pool zone, changing of shoes to the outdoor is made after leaving the locker room - behind the gates.
37. Change of clothes for beachwear takes place in the locker rooms.
38. Persons accessing the swimming pool and spa area are required to store clothes, bags and all personal items in their lockers in locker room.
39. The management of the complex is not responsible for valuable things left in lockers.
40. Before leaving the locker room to the pool area, it is due to make sure the locker is closed. The management of the complex is not responsible for items left in open lockers or the ones that left without supervision.
41. The service of the complex may refuse entry to the facility to persons who, in its opinion:
a) are under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
b) behave in a noisy, uncultured, aggressive or in any way that may interfere with calm stay of others,
c) does not meet generally accepted standards of personal hygiene,
d) whose health could be harmful to others (wounds, injuries, skin diseases, infectious diseases, etc.),
e) have bandages or dressings on their body.
42. Prior to entering the pool it is due to carefully wash your whole body under the shower and make disinfection of feet.
43. In the pool area, outdoor areas and in the SPA area it is obligatory to use clean beachwear that meet the requirements of hygienic and aesthetic beachwear. The dress cannot have zippers or metal or plastic inserts, which may cause a threat for health or safety of the user, as well as cause damage to pool equipment elements:
a) for women it is one or two-pieces swimsuit, close to the body,
b) for men's these are trunks adjacent to the body, with maximum length up to mid-thigh.
44. The beachwear in SPA area should also be resistant to heat up (the metal parts can cause burns and plastic parts may be damaged).
45. Children under 3 years must wear disposable nappy-pants to swim.
46. Being naked in any area of the complex is prohibited.
47. Lifesavers are people wearing costume with the Polish word ‘RATOWNIK’.
48. Using any water attractions is at risk of users. People with unstable health condition should enjoy the attractions with caution (or after consultation with doctor). Each user is required to be acknowledged with the properties of thermal water contained in the pools.
49. All basin pools and water attractions are covered with the supervision and rescue service. In the paddling pools the direct supervision of children is exercised by their caregivers.
50. The management of the complex reserves itself the right to temporary exemption from the operation of some zones and attractions of the complex, with particular emphasis on the outer part of the pool.
51. The zones of the facility and water attractions temporarily exempted out of service shall be clearly marked and their use is not allowed at that time.
52. In the event of a storm all users shall promptly leave the outdoor pools and outdoor-indoor pools as well.
53. The signal for an immediate exit from the water is a long beep. After hearing this kind of beep, it is due to leave the pool and wait for further instructions of rescue personnel.
54. Within the swimming lines there is right-side traffic. The maximum number of people swimming on one track cannot exceed 6 people.
55. For hygiene and safety reasons of persons it is forbidden to:
a) go into the water despite the prohibition of rescuers, during the absence of emergency service and during the rescue operation,
b) be in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs,
c) bring alcoholic beverages and drugs,
d) enter the water in costume or with objects visibly dirty or likely to contaminate water,
e) use water attractions and slides at contradiction to the specific rules,
f) dive and jump into the water without clear consent of the rescuer,
g) bring objects made of glass, metal, sharp, crispy, and any others that may prove to be dangerous
h) run, push and throw into the water, yelling and behave in a manner endangering the safety and relaxation of other users,
i) initiate false alarms,
j) throw some objects into the water,
k) to practice or play on leading ladders, rails, bridges, crossings, etc.
l) go in and out of the pools outside designated places (ladders, stairs, beach area outside the pool),
m) stand on emergency position or using rescue equipment except by emergency situations,
n) clutter and contaminate the room and pool basin in any way,
o) use of chemicals (including hygiene and cosmetic) in the basins of the pools and outdoor pools,
p) destroy equipment and facility,
q) move mobile equipment without the approval of rescue or service (not chairs),
r) bring music equipment and electrical equipment,
s) chew gum and eat in the basins of the pools, locker rooms and showers, as well as in the passageways and the communal spaces with the exception of places designated for consumption, i.e. food service areas,
t) leave shoes and swimming-pool towels in the areas of communication and transfer of the pools,
u) bring animals, roller-skate, ride bikes, boards, and bring objects that hinder communication facility,
v) come on walls, fences, railings, flowers, elements of "landscape architecture" and other structural elements and devices that are not intended to this kind of usage,
w) meet physiological needs in places other than toilets.

56. Using loungers is allowed in dedicated pool zones and in the outdoor areas. Do not place the sun loungers and chairs in the basins of the pools and closer than 2m from the water.
57. Wearing glasses and contact lenses is at your own risk. In case of wearing corrective glasses or sunglasses they must be fitted in the way that protect them from falling down.
58. Using dryers and other electrical equipment may take place only in the dry areas of the facility and in designated places.
59. It is strictly forbidden to bring and use your own dryers and any electric appliances in the pool area.
60. Bringing and using of your own sport and leisure equipment can be carried out only after obtaining the consent of the rescuers.
61. Persons destroying or damaging equipment or any devices bear full financial responsibility for the damages. Caretakers and guardians are fully responsible for the damages caused by juveniles.
62. Anything found on the property should be given back to employees of service. Customer service gives out things that were found after identifying them by the owner up to 7 days from the date of the finding.
63. Any economy activity inside the building - including the provision of swimming lessons for remuneration, trade, catering, club events, sports, and others, are possible only after signing an agreement with the representative of the management of the complex.
64. Comments and requests should be reported to the Customer Service Desk.
65. Concerning any other matters that has not been not covered by these Rules and Regulations decisive organ is the management of the complex and apply general.
66. The complex is not responsible for any consequences arising from the failure of these Rules and Regulations.
67. Buying a ticket means acceptance of the above Rules and Regulations.

Emergency phone numbers:
Ambulance - 999
Fire Service - 998
Police – 997